3-Step Barrier Repair Skincare Routine

Dry Skin

Minimal steps; maximum impact. Try this precise barrier repair skincare routine for optimal skin health.

Your skin barrier is more than a shield – it's essential for optimal skin health.

By fortifying your barrier, you create a resilient canvas that stands strong against skin barrier damage from free radicals, solar rays, environmental pathogens, toxins, and pollutants that can penetrate your skin and cause significant disruption within the body.

Take these steps to strengthen your skin’s barrier and protect against further skin barrier damage


Following cleansing apply Dermiotic, our best-selling pre-serum elixir that balances the skin’s microbiome and works to reduce irritation.

SHOP: Dermiotic Pre-serum elixir with prebiotic / postbiotic microbiome complex



Decrease trans epidermal water loss which can lead to skin barrier damage by applying our award-winning Vitamin B serum in your night-time routine.

SHOP: Vitamin B award-winning 13% niacinamide serum to strengthen skin barrier



To deeply hydrate and for added protection, apply HyalaVive which contains three types of hyaluronic acid, TriCeramide Complex, and vitamin B12 essential to your barrier repair skincare routine.

SHOP: HyalaVive Triple-hyaluronic serum +TriCeramide/B12 complex

Synergie Skin's HyalaVive being pumped onto model's hand

Make these products a part of your damaged skin barrier routine and see the results

Remember: Always complete your daily skincare routine with a moisturiser and solar protection. 

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