Our Values

Backed by Science

Our team of scientific experts have formulated the most effective supplements based on current clinical studies. Our products aren’t just promises; they’re results backed by rigorous scientific evidence you can trust.

Australian Made & Owned

Being Australian made and owned isn’t just about our identity – it’s about our commitment to quality and closely overseeing all levels of manufacturing on home soil. By manufacturing our supplements right here in Australia, this ensures that our products meet the highest standards.

Therapeutic Dosages

All Active raw ingredients are formulated at the optimal dosages. This ensures therapeutic results and with your safety in mind. SynTernals® will not compromise on efficacy.

3rd Party Verified

All raw ingredients are stringently tested for purity and quality. We adhere strictly to the highest standards set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring what you consume is of the utmost quality and reliability.


Renew. Recharge. Thrive.

We’ve created a high-performing NAD+ booster to support your healthspan from the inside-out.

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As a biological scientist and biohacker, I have always been passionate about cellular optimisation.

My vision for SynTernals® mirrors this passion – to unlock the synergy between internal health and external vitality.

I created NRgize+ to offer the best possible combination of molecules that will optimise whole body healthspan from the inside out.

Terri Vinson Jones
Founder BSc. Dip Form Chem, DipEd. ASCC

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Peek inside the future of cellular health.

After working with clients and industry experts, there was a compelling need for maximising the synergy between internal health and external vitality. So we got down to business. This has led to creating high-performance supplements that bolster natural vitality, advance cell production, support optimal healthspan and boost the body’s resilience for the long term.

Ever-Evolving Education

Knowledge is only powerful when you can share it. We’re curious by nature, researchers by nurture, and sharers by design. And we know that noticeable health begins from within.

Trust Through Transparency

No hype, just substance. It’s this due diligence to quality that informs our confidence in talking about it.

Internal Innovation

We’re seasoned in reinventing the status quo, inside and out. This means only harnessing innovative, Clean Science, and sourcing, producing, and offering advanced formulas that truly make a difference.

Community considered

Our footprint leaves a legacy, and we consider how we impact others. Sustainable where possible, ethically sourced as a priority, and always putting care for people and the planet at the forefront of every decision we make.