Can a simple flower unlock the power of skin hydration?

Dry Skin

...enter Wild Pansy extract

What is Wild Pansy Extract?

Unlocking the secrets of optimal hydration for the skin is crucial for combating dryness and maintaining a healthy, radiant complexion. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with up-to-date education on innovative skincare solutions, let us delve into the science behind wild pansy extract (hydrolysed viola tricolour) – a botanical treasure packed with cosmeceutical oligosaccharides. Join us as we explore the clinically proven benefits of this next-generation active ingredient and how it can transform your skincare routine.

Wild Pansy Extract Benefits for the Skin

1. Regulating Water Balance and Boosting Hydration

Wild Pansy Extract does an incredible job at regulating water balance within the skin. It acts on two vital mechanisms: stimulating the synthesis of water transport irrigation channels known as Aquaporin-3 (AQP3) and enhancing the epidermis' capacity to retain water. Through this dual action, wild pansy extract delivers a surge of hydration to the skin, increasing suppleness and minimising the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Long-term Skin Barrier Protection

AQP3, a key water transfer protein, facilitates water circulation and promotes optimal skin hydration. This botanical powerhouse fosters a healthy barrier by safeguarding against trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), ensuring your skin’s barrier remains moisturised and protected.

3. Elevating Epidermal Hyaluronic Acid and More

Wild pansy extract goes beyond delivering hydration through water transport; it also amplifies the epidermis' ability to retain water. It achieves this by: elevating epidermal hyaluronic acid levels, increasing the production of hyaluronan synthase (the enzyme responsible for HA synthesis), and promoting the production of the hydration receptor CD44. These combined actions enhance the skin's water-binding capacity, ensuring long-lasting moisture retention.

Scientifically Proven Results

Clinical studies have highlighted the efficacy of wild pansy extract in improving skin hydration and reducing wrinkles. In-vivo studies demonstrated an immediate hydrating power, with a remarkable 9% increase in hydration for 24 hours with 4% wild pansy extract applied to the skin (from a sample group of 25 female volunteers with a mean age of 33). Long-term benefits were observed as well, with a significant 13% increase in hydration after 28 days of twice-daily application (with a sample group of 20 female volunteers with a mean age of 48). Additionally, a remarkable 66% reduction in total wrinkled surface was observed over the same period, confirming wild pansy extract's potent skin-regeneration properties.

Embracing the Power of Wild Pansy Extract

With its profound ability to regulate water balance and promote deep hydration, wild pansy extract is an ideal active ingredient for addressing dryness, mature skin concerns, and dehydration. Its inclusion in your skincare regimen can help you achieve a dewy glow, maintain skin suppleness, and reduce the visible signs of ageing.


Incorporating wild pansy extract into your daily routine can profoundly elevate your skincare experience, especially for those with dry skin. Synergie Skin has recently implemented wild pansy extract with the reformulation of our richest, most emolient dry skin moisturiser: HyDrolock. This multi-level formula delivers moisture deeply into the dermis and epidermis for boosted hydration, leaving your complexion soft, bouncy, and revitalised with long-term benefits to the skin barrier.

[Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes only and should not replace professional skincare advice. Consult a dermatologist or skincare therapist for personalised recommendations.]

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