An At-Home Device Set to Shake Up The Skincare Industry

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Introducing Plabeau G4+, Australia’s very first at-home cold plasma device. Harness the power of ground-breaking plasma technology for skin wellness, anti-ageing, ingredient penetration and skin purification.


What is plasma?

Back in science class we were taught about the three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. Now, think of water in three phases: ice, liquid and steam. The particles in a solid ice cube are close together and highly attracted to each other so the ice stays in one piece. As the solid ice is gradually heated the attraction between the particles is reduced and the ice becomes liquid water. If this water is then heated even more, the particles of water are turned into gas (steam) where they are free to dart about in the air as vapour particles. The less attraction between particles, the higher the energy they contain.

Well, did you know that there is a fourth state of matter, plasma?

Plasma is hot ionised gas and is made up of highly energised charged gas particles. The universe is made up of 99% plasma. It has to be generated by very high temperatures in the atmosphere – over 100,000 degrees Celsius in fact! Lightning is an example of plasma gas being produced naturally when high temperatures create charged particles of air, then these charged gases travel from the sky to the ground as intense light. Interesting stuff, isn’t it?


Plasma and treatments:

1. Hot plasma in cosmetic skin science

Plasma has been harnessed by science into ground-breaking medical technology for treating infection and wounds. Today, it has also become a part of the anti-ageing and skin wellness industry. There are now new clinical treatments that utilise hot plasma to tighten skin, increase collagen production and remove fine lines and wrinkles. Hot plasma treatments are performed at extremely high temperatures and whilst the results are measurable, it is very painful with a long recovery period.

2. Cold plasma in cosmetic skin science

Enter: the new realm of cold plasma home treatments. Plabeau G4+ utilises nanopulse cold plasma technology that involves applying electrical energy through a conducting plate to charge the particles of air between the skin surface and the plate at normal room temperature, with no direct heat needed. These charged particles create a number of wound healing and other visible skin benefits. The great news is there is no pain involved, and the treatment can be performed in only a few minutes morning and night.


How can it improve the skin?

  1. Reducing harmful microbes that can lead to skin inflammation and infection

    Plasma treatment is used to treat skin ulcers and bed sores in hospitals where the infection has become resistant to most common antibiotics. This is a breakthrough in the medical industry where multiply resistant bacteria are a problem. The sterilisation of skin is painless and leaves healthy skin intact.*

    A single 2-minute treatment of cold atmospheric plasma was shown to be safe, painless and effective, decreasing 40% of bacterial load in plasma-treated wounds, regardless of the species of bacteria and without any noted side effects.

  2. Treating dermatitis and acne

    By directly reducing the P. acnes bacteria in the pores.

  3. Anti-ageing and skin regeneration

    Plasma directly improves blood flow so the skin cells receive more nutrition. Plasma increases the activity of the fibroblasts to make more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Data has shown over 25% improvement in lines around the eyes after six weeks.

  4. Increasing active ingredient penetration from serums into the target cells of the skin

    Plasma is widely used in medicine for enhanced drug delivery. As the skin is charged with high amounts of energy through plasma, the skin becomes more absorbent to water. This means that water soluble substances are more likely to be attracted and absorbed through the skin, and penetration of molecules such as vitamin B, vitamin C, many peptides and other water-soluble cosmeceuticals will be more effective. Studies have shown a 41% increase in the amount of water-soluble nutrients absorbed after 10 minutes of using cold plasma.


What ingredients does it pair with?

Use Plabeau G4+ morning and night on a clean face, after thorough cleansing.

Immediately after, follow with Dermiotic, our pre-serum elixir enriched with pre and probiotics. As plasma removes bacteria from the skin’s surface, adding prebiotics and probiotics will rebalance and restore the bacteria living on the surface of the skin to maintain the health and immune function of the skin surface.

Then, follow with your regular serums and moisturisers such as Vitamin B serum (niacinamide is an essential cosmeceutical for a strong skin barrier), SupremaC+ (vitamin C in the form of L Ascorbic acid or ethyl ascorbic acid is a fantastic antioxidant for healthy skin), or any other water-soluble actives and peptide serums such as SuperSerum+ to target:

  • Anti-ageing
  • Pigmentation
  • Acne
  • Redness and irritation
  • Dryness

Cold plasma is truly innovative technology that enables effective skin treatment to be brought into the home for daily use. There is no skin type or condition that will not benefit from cold plasma therapy in creating healthier more youthful skin.

*Citation: Heinlin et al, “Plasma medicine: possible applications in dermatology” Department of Dermatology, University of Regensburg, Germany, May 2010

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