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Vitamin C has long been hailed as the ultimate skin fortifier and brightener. In this formula we couple vitamin C in its purest form (L-ascorbic powder crystals) with the versatile antioxidant, alpha lipoic acid.

Pure-C Crystals are a skin antioxidant and a perfect daily partner to sunscreen in addressing free radical damage, uneven skin tone, UV damage and ageing.



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96% L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C):
• Promotes the formation of collagen to reduces the appearance of fine lines
• Enhances tissue growth and repair and is excellent for scar regeneration
• Protects the skin cells from harmful UV damage by neutralising DNA damaging free radicals
• Is a potent anti-inflammatory and is recommended following laser and IPL treatments to reduce inflammation

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA):
• Powerful anti-ageing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties
• Inhibits cross-linking of protein (collagen) which causes wrinkling of the skin (Advanced Glycation End Products)
• Able to neutralise toxic metals in the body
• Able to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
• Regulates production of nitric oxide, which improves vital blood flow to the skin
• Decreases dark circles and puffiness
• Reduce facial swelling and puffiness
• Helps to reduce enlarged pores


Use in the morning for daily antioxidant protection. Tap a small amount (size of a matchstick head) of Pure C Crystals into the palm and dissolve at a dosage ratio of approximately 1:4 parts crystals (20% vitamin C) to water.

Alternatively, use it as a booster by adding it directly to your Synergie Skin serums for targeted results:

(Use the same ratio as with water)

HydroGel – oily, acneic skin
SuperSerum+ – ageing skin and fine lines
EnLighten – uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation

For more robust skin types only, Pure-C Crystals may also be combined with ReVeal as a weekly ‘mini-peel’ to combat congestion, uneven skin tone, and sun damage. Do not combine with Ultimate A or Vitamin B serums.

If you have a known sensitivity to acidic products, introduce Pure-C Crystals into your routine at a lower dosage over 2-3 weeks to allow the skin to acclimatise.


As part of our commitment to innovation, Synergie formulations are updated from time to time. Always refer to the ingredient list on the box for the most current version.


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