SkinGeneius DNA test

Have you ever wanted to know how your skin is going to age?


SkinGeneius is a revolutionary DNA test kit for skin wellness and ageing that examines 16 genetic markers in 6 unique categories.



Your skin’s genetic risk can’t be changed, but other outside factors can significantly influence whether your skin expresses these risks. Lifestyle factors and cosmeceutical skin care naturally plays a significant role in maintaining long term healthy skin.

Taking the SkinGeneius ten second DNA saliva test* allows you to ascertain whether you’re at increased risk of experiencing specific premature skin ageing traits. This test will alert you to the early warning signs of ageing and enable preventive strategies and products to be tailored to protect your skin’s future health and improve its appearance.

With prevention being paramount, the SkinGeneius genetic test is designed for early awareness and intervention before the problem becomes significant.

SkinGeneius identifies your genetic risks to the following six categories:

  1. Skin firmness and collagen
  2. Wrinkling and sugar glycation
  3. Solar damage protection
  4. Even skin tone and brightness
  5. Skin antioxidant levels
  6. Inflammation and skin sensitivity

*SkinGenius materials are to be used for information purposes only. They are not intended for, and should not be used to diagnose or treat, any diseases or medical conditions.


What is the process?


Follow the instructions in your kit and swab the inside of your cheek with the DNA collector.


Register your sample at
This online registration must complete in order to proceed. Please note, your kit number is found within the box and must start with ‘SYN-‘ (do not enter the barcode).


Post your sample to our certified genetic testing laboratory using the bag supplied to you.
Postal address: PO BOX 8 Alexandria NSW 1435


Receive your personalised report within 14 days from the time we receive your sample.


A bespoke Synergie Skin regimen is prescribed with recommendations based on your DNA.




SkinGeneius has radically transformed my perspective on my skin. I spent years, and a lot of money, swapping between various skincare lines, trying to find effective products. It eliminated the need for any further trial and error, giving me a clear and concise report on my genes. I highly recommend SkinGeneius for anyone looking to take their skincare seriously.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please allow up to 14 business days for processing from when you post the sample.  Don’t forget to check your junk or spam folders as sometimes reports can be filtered there.

You will only need to take the SkinGeneius test once. Your DNA and genes will not alter and are the same throughout your entire life. Therefore, there is no need to retake the SkinGeneius test.

The mother and father section of the questionnaire are used to discover trends and is optional. Please only fill out this section if you are of genetic relation. Using our trend analysis, we can begin to understand how much our genetics and environment influences skin outcomes.

The SkinGeneius prescription is based on your genetic test results and recommends products that address your high-risk areas of concern. It does not take into account your lifestyle, external factors or current skin condition.  When prescribing a skincare regimen face to face, your skin therapist will use their best judgement based on visually diagnosing your skin. They may slightly alter your regimen to suit your current skin conditions or concerns.

Here at Synergie Skin, we value the trust you place in us. To prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, to retain data accuracy, and to ensure the use of the information, we use a range of technical, physical and administrative measures to protect the information we collect about our members. We will never share your personal information.

Your DNA sample may be retained for up to fourteen days after your saliva sample is processed (for re-testing if necessary), at which time your sample is sent to the isolation bay where we undergo a safe disposal process.

The scientific accuracy of the process is 99.96%. All technical measures are put in place to ensure the high accuracy in your results.

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