Top skincare tips during self-isolation

If there was ever a time to show self-love, it’s now. Pamper yourself and be diligent with your skincare during this time, but importantly stay safe and stay positive in this ‘new normal’. This too shall pass.


How does a protective face mask affect the skin?

With the increased use of protective face masks, many may notice congestion and breakouts around the nose and chin. This is because wearing one significantly reduces the skin’s natural processes, such as absorption of water and beneficial skin ingredients, and removal of excess oil and skin toxins.

Here are some unpleasant but true facts about protective face masks:

The humid environment created by the mask is also a breeding ground for bad bacteria because sweat is not able to evaporate off the skin naturally. There is also the issue of the mask material. Face mask material can include additives such as bleaching agents, perfumes or other questionable materials added during the manufacturing process. Some people may be sensitive or even allergic to these additives and notice irritation, flaking or redness.

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What is the best skincare routine while in self-isolation?


Ensure you thoroughly clean your face morning and night with UltraCleanse to remove the excess oil and debris built up on the skin’s surface. As an additional step, I also recommend using a gentle facial scrub, such as MediScrub, on the congested areas once or twice a week to remove surface blackheads.


On a freshly cleansed face, apply a few drops of Dermiotic morning and night before adding your serums. The probiotic lysate and prebiotic skin nutrition restore the skin’s balance of both beneficial and harmful bacteria, helping to prevent the triggers of skin irritation and inflammation.

Use serums

Your most important serum to use is Vitamin B (niacinamide) in order to strengthen the skin, prevent dryness and control excess sebum. This multitasking serum will also boost the immunity of the skin.

If you are noticing an increase in blackheads, whiteheads or general pore congestion from wearing face masks, replace Vitamin B with one pump of ReVeal during your morning routine until the outbreak subsides. The salicylic acid in ReVeal will help to ‘unplug’ the congested pores of oil and debris, while its AHAs will gently exfoliate and hydrate. Otherwise, I recommend applying Vitamin B morning and night for a more simplified routine.


If you are experiencing dry, red or sensitive skin opt for DermaCalm moisturizer in the morning and De-Stress oil in the evening to reduce irritation. All other skin types should opt for ÜberZinc, as its high levels of zinc oxide are a wonderful anti-inflammatory ingredient.


How often do I need to sanitize or wash my hands?

While you are outside of your home, sanitize your hands with our low-irritant hospital-grade Sanitiser Spray (as featured on and after touching surfaces such as doorknobs, fuel pumps, escalators, shopping trolleys, cash and ATM machines.

Once you are back at home, there is less of a need to sanitize hands. Instead, simply wash your hands once and then you are safe to go about your normal activity. Washing for one minute with soap is recommended to help combat the virus.

Sanitiser Spray also doubles as a highly effective surface disinfectant, due to its 70% concentration of grain derived alcohol, which is clinically proven to provide both antibacterial and antimicrobial protection.


Other skincare tips

  • Treat your skin to an indulgent nutrient-rich night-time mask. One a week, apply a thin layer of MasquErase anti-ageing mask and leave on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing. Alternatively, leave it on while you sleep and you’ll wake up with baby soft skin!
  • Leftover product? Smooth any remaining product onto the backs of your hands to soothe and repair dry skin after all that washing and sanitizing.
  • For a little extra hand care, apply a generous amount of nourishing Hand ResQ cream under a pair of cotton gloves right before bedtime. Recover Balm also makes for an effective cuticle treatment.
  • Please also try and get out into the sunshine of your garden or balcony during this time. Twenty minutes of early morning sun without protection will provide vital vitamin D (and lift your spirits), but do remember to use your physical sunscreen, such as ÜberZinc, if you are in the sun for longer periods.