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Eye cream on mature wrinkled skin
The eyes truly are the focal point of the face but the ravages of time, environment and lifestyle directly impact the appearance of this delicate area. The skin around the eyes is markedly different to that of the rest of the face. It is 10 times thinner than other areas of the face and is further thinned as we age due to loss of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Periorbital skin also contains fewer oil glands so moisturisation and adequate hydration is essential.




Appearing as tiny, hard, white, raised cysts, milia commonly form around the eye area due to the skin protein keratin becoming trapped under the skin. Avoid comedogenic oils around the eye areas as this prevents the natural exfoliation process and causes congestion under the skin. Using an eye serum (Synergie Skin ImprovEyes Day) rather than a heavy eye cream under makeup will help to avoid milia. Regular use of retinol (Synergie Skin Ultimate A) and gentle exfoliants (Synergie Skin Luciderm) will also help to slough away the surface skin and address milia effectively. Stubborn milia will need clinical removal such as needle excision.


Dark circles and puffiness

Dark circles can be a genetic condition which is difficult to treat. However, it may also develop from illness, ageing or lack of sleep. The target for this condition is the blood vessels surrounding the eyes.

Strengthening the walls of the blood vessels can alleviate dark circles. This can be achieved with retinol (Ultimate A), L-ascorbic acid (Pure-C Crystals or SupremaC+) and a novel new peptide ingredient called Acetyl tetrapeptide-1 (found in ImprovEyes Day). This ingredient simultaneously reduces the appearance of dark circles and eye bags by inhibiting loss of elasticity and cross-linking of collagen.


Fine lines & wrinkles

There are a number of ingredients and treatments to address fine lines and crow’s feet. Retinol (Ultimate A) and Niacinamide (Vitamin B), are excellent for collagen stimulation and increasing natural hydration levels to reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles. Another new peptide combination, Tripeptide-10 and Tripeptide-1 (found in ImprovEyes Day and ImprovEyes Night) has recently been scientifically engineered to stimulate collagen production on multiple levels.


Eye expression lines and crow’s feet

These are wrinkles that form from facial expressions such as smiling or frowning. Acetyl octopeptide-3 (found in ImprovEyes day and ImprovEyes night) is yet another peptide which relaxes facial muscles to reduce lines of movement around the eyes such as crow’s feet. It is also a great partner ingredient to anti-wrinkle eye injections as it can help to optimise the results of these treatments.



Roll in your active serums to maximise results

The daily use of a home skin roller (such as our Home Roller) with shallow needles will dramatically improve the penetration of your products, particularly active serums. At-home rollers are very comfortable to use and can be taken right up to the orbital bone.

To watch me chat through home rollers, click here


Non-surgical eye treatments

Clinical skin needling, fractional/fraxel laser, medium depth peels and anti-wrinkle injections offer the best non-surgical rejuvenation options to reducing lines around the eyes.

A series of at least eight treatments of clinical skin needling will significantly improve the appearance of ‘crepe-y’ fine lines and skin texture around the eyes. The results will continue to improve over the next 12 months as new collagen is produced.


Lush lashes

Lush lashes can do wonders to enhance our eyes. Lash extensions are very popular right now but can severely damage your natural lashes. Some glues can also cause long-term eye irritation (this actually happened to me!). My advice is use to lash extensions for the short term only and visit a lash extension specialist.

Eyelash growth promoters, both synthetic and botanical, are trending right now. Be guided by your skin therapist for the best growth promoter as the right product can improve the appearance of your natural lashes in just a few weeks.

Mascaras come in numerous formulas and brush types promising volume and or length. But beware, artificial pigments in mascara can also have a negative impact on the health of the lash follicle with prolonged use. Aim to invest in products with a safe ingredient profile with mineral pigments rather than FD&C dyes (such as Synergie Minerals’ VitaLash).


Diet & lifestyle

Your skin is a product of both external and internal influences. Here are some simple tips to follow to optimise the appearance of the skin around your eyes:

  • Avoid squinting and UV damage by wearing sunglasses
  • Reduce your salt intake as this contributes to excess fluid retention and puffiness
  • Take adequate Vitamin C and iron oral supplements to help reduce dark circles
  • Adopt a low sugar regimen to avoid collagen cross-linking AGEs
  • Consume seeds, nuts and fish rich in essential fatty acids. The skin loves EFAs.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink more water and include green tea as part of your liquid consumption
  • Get at least seven hours sleep each night
  • Keep alcohol intake low as it leads to skin dehydration

Ultimately, the aim is to be the very best version of you at any age. Always remember that the skin around the eyes is highly sensitive and requires products specially designed for the eyes that avoid high levels of artificial fragrance, SLS and alcohol. With the right products, treatments, lifestyle and advice, it is possible to have eyes that transform your face and literally light up the room.



Anti-ageing routine, with a focus on the eyes:
  • BioCleanse – our gentle cleanser
  • SuperSerum+ – a miracle anti-ageing serum (every third morning, replace SuperSerum+ with our exfoliating serum ReVeal)
  • ImprovEyes Day  – a hydrating eye serum
  • SupremaC+ – stabilised antioxidant that reduces free radical damage
  • ÜberZinc – your physical sun protection
  • MasquErase – our luxurious anti-ageing face mask


From the best face moisturiser for balancing skin pigmentation, to eye serum that targets wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles under eyes, our superior formulas blend hero ingredients that penetrate your skin cells from within.

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