The right foundation for your skin

The Synergie makeup range, Synergie Minerals, has three types of foundation. Whilst it often comes to personal preference for many skin types, there are distinct benefits for each type and this blog will help you to make an informed choice for your skin and lifestyle.

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Antioxidant Cream Foundation: MineralWhip

Dewy finish with medium to full coverage

Synergie’s MineralWhip provides long lasting, flawless coverage for your face throughout the day. This antioxidant cream foundation has been formulated to provide high sun protection as it contains Synergie’s signature zinc oxide. Pair with the Airbrush for best results.

MineralWhip is a 4-in-one foundation, protector, primer and concealer. The cream foundation can effectively cover acne blemishes, pigmentation and redness, with the dewy finish minimising fine lines! It can be applied to all skin types as the oils are non-comedogenic (not pore clogging) but I find it great for dry skin and winter climates.

The whip foundation contains beneficial ingredients which stimulate collagen production, promote skin healing and contain antioxidants that reverse free radical cell damage. If you suffer rosacea or have dry, sensitive, sun damaged or ageing skin, Synergie’s MineralWhip is perfect for you! To watch more on the sun protective benefits of MineralWhip, click here.


Mineral Foundation: BB-Flawless

Light everyday liquid foundation

BB-Flawless is a truly revolutionary BB liquid mineral foundation, which harnesses the cosmeceutical power of Niacinamide (aiding in the regulation of oil production. Offering the lightest coverage from the range, BB-Flawless is ideal for those who want a luminous finish without heavy coverage. Pair with the Airbrush for best results.

This liquid foundation contains vitamin B3 to help promote hydration, reduce uneven skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines. The Vitamin E in BB-Flawless nurtures the skin whilst tomato skin extract acts as a powerful antioxidant to combat those damaging environmental free radicals. And of course, the minerals including zinc oxide and natural iron oxide pigments protects against UV and infrared damage.

Not only does this foundation provide fantastic coverage but also, it is a light liquid base that increases ceramide production to address natural hydration levels.

If you have oily skin, acne prone skin or relatively problem-free skin, Synergie’s Loose Minerals powder will look flawless on your face. Whilst this foundation looks fantastic on most skin types, it may not provide adequate coverage for ageing or sun damaged skin. 


Loose Mineral Foundation: Second Skin Crush

Semi-Matte finish with light to medium coverage

Synergie’s loose minerals is your second skin. This powder foundation is extremely versatile as you can build it up in layers from a one layer light base to a three-layer full airbrushed coverage.

Second Skin Crush has the highest level of UV/Infrared protection offering over 50% zinc, non-nanoparticle titanium and iron oxides. I have also added hydrating liposomes to replenish skin moisture in warmer climates.

For best results pair with the Kabuki brush, the high density, non-shedding vegan fibres provide a hydrated, semi-matte finish. For a full matte look, finish with Synergie Hydromatt setting powder with oil absorbing properties.

Although all skin types can use Second Skin Crush, this loose mineral foundation is oil-free and is a good choice for acne sufferers and oily skin. The high levels of zinc oxide help to reduce acne blemishes and skin irritation. It’s also a great choice for hot and humid climates.

Always remember to wash your makeup off at night with a good cleanser – this allows your pores to breathe and removes the dirt and grime that they have collected during the day.


Whether you’re looking for a new pink lip gloss to add to your collection, or a hydrating face serum to apply before your makeup, you’ll find everything you need at Synergie Skin. Our pioneering products combine active to protect and enhance your look, ensuring you’ll feel great throughout the whole day.

Want to know more about our mineral makeup kits and products? Simply contact the experts at Synergie Skin for advice and we’ll be happy to help.

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