Daily Defence Duo

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Supercharge your morning routine and get your skin glowing and protected with the limited-edition Daily Defence Duo.

  • SupremaC+ Essential Vitamin C serum with 20% CMF Triacid Complex™ (30ml)
  • ÜberZinc Moisturiser with 21% zinc oxide (50ml)

Meet our new power couple for radiance. SupremaC+ and ÜberZinc work in synergy to protect from free radicals and photo-ageing, address visible damage and ageing and fade signs of pigmentation. Vitamin C works at a cellular level to create collagen from within while ÜberZinc provides daily broad-spectrum physical protection. This combination is an exceptional anti-ageing duo for all skin types.

Key Benefits

Essential Vitamin C serum with 20% CMF Triacid Complex™ (30ml)

SupremaC+ prevents and corrects uneven skin tone and provides potent antioxidant protection. This power-boosted Vitamin C serum tackles photo-ageing at the source with 20% CMF Triacid Complex™, a trademarked blend, unique to Synergie Skin. Containing a synergistic complex of ethyl ascorbic acid, mandelic and ferulic acid, it offers superior protection against free radical damage, fine lines, dryness, uneven skin tone and unbalanced sebum. It also is highly stable with enhanced delivery technology reaching target cells effectively for optimal results.

Moisturiser with 21% zinc oxide (50ml)

Amplify the photo-protective effects of your Vitamin C serum by boosting it with our #1 best seller, ÜberZinc daily protective moisturiser. Fortified with 21% zinc oxide and enriched with green tea, this broad-spectrum UV moisturiser also neutralises free radicals and combats cellular damage for all skin types. Zinc oxide is also healing, anti-inflammatory and the ideal physical UV protector. This is your ultimate daily protective moisturiser.


Apply one pump of SupremaC+ in the morning. Follow ith one pump of ÜberZinc as your daily environmental protective moisturiser. Pat ÜberZinc gently into the skin and do not rub vigorously. Remember to reapply following swimming or sporting activities.