The 4 Biggest Skincare Trends of 2021

The skincare and beauty industry is always abuzz with emerging trends, so let’s take a dive into this fascinating, ever-evolving world and share our top skincare trends that will continue to push the industry forward in 2021.


Clean beauty taken to the next level with evidence-based, ‘cleanical’ skincare and beauty

The ‘clean’ and ‘green’ beauty trend has grown steadily in the last few years, with consumers aligning themselves to brands with strong values, ethics and holistic health. While ‘clean beauty’ is a valid movement, consumers are now eager to take this to the next level. I’ve even seen the term ‘cleanical skincare’ trending! What is this? It’s a demand for evidence-based ingredients that truly deliver, while still falling into the ‘clean’ category.

This is exactly what my Clean Science formulating philosophy is about: scientifically verified results with health and the environment front of mind. I am focussed on ensuring that all ingredients added to Synergie Skin products are clean, ethical, and really work. Clean and evidence-based science, rather than simply ‘clean beauty’, is a major, emerging trend for 2021.


Mineral makeup that protects against blue light radiation

In 2021, consumers will expect more from their makeup than just the surface cosmetic benefits. Clean mineral makeup has been in growing demand for years with savvy consumers steering away from products containing artificial colours, plastic-based shimmer additives and undesirable fillers that may look great but do nothing for the long-term health of our skin or our marine environment.

As I’ve always said, makeup should be considered as an extension of a good skincare regimen. If you wear it, it should be the final step in your morning routine, offering protective benefits and often antioxidant protection.

Consumers feel more confident knowing their makeup delivers protection from solar damage, environmental free radicals, pollution and dehydration. Formulations with high levels of zinc oxide (over 20%) and titanium dioxide creates excellent protection from UVA, UVB and even infrared (IR) solar radiation, which contributes to free radical damage and skin ageing.

When solely considering sun protection, there’s so much more to minerals than just high levels of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide! Blue light protection from the sun, and even our screens and devices, continues to be an emerging trend, so we will be hearing even more about it.

Mineral makeup that opts for natural iron oxides as the colour base, rather than the more commonly used FD&C dyes, has the added benefit of protection from harmful blue light radiation—also known as HEV (High Energy Visible) light. Blue light can penetrate at the deepest level of our skin where our precious collagen and elastin resides, and HEV can really accelerate the ageing process in our skin cells and increase uneven skin pigmentation. Eek! Synergie Minerals to the rescue!

My foundations are formulated with iron oxide pigments (namely red, yellow and brown iron oxide that help to create that perfect mineral-based skin tone) at a dosage over 3%, helping to protect skin from harmful blue light.


Self-care skin treatments from wearing COVID-protective masks

COVID-19 has certainly seen an increase in the need to show self-care, and the skincare mask segment growth has certainly reflected this emerging trend. The market has seen a huge upturn in ‘me time’ product categories, as consumers are taking time out in their week to truly treat themselves and go that extra mile despite a busy lifestyle.

Other areas of growth include detoxifying and clarifying masks, and deeply-hydrating treatment masks to combat the havoc wreaked on skin—particularly from hours of wearing protective masks. These skincare masks need to really pack a punch with evidence-based cosmeceuticals while still offering ‘clean beauty’ ingredients.

Time-poor consumers are also expecting visible results from skincare masks with active ingredients in minimal time. Express masks, such as Synergie Skin’s TriDration B express medi-mask, are an emerging trend offering a quick and effective pick-me-up before an evening event, or even a mini-pamper before starting a busy workday. The nurturing and results-driven skincare mask experience is also a great way to help alleviate stress.


Balancing our skin microbiome with prebiotics & probiotics

Balancing the microbiome of the gut has been on-trend for the last decade and the skin is now catching up. Thinking about skincare holistically, along with diet and exercise. will certainly become more of a focus for the individual.

Did you know that there are more bacteria sitting on the top of the skin than the total number of skin cells we possess? So, we really need to nurture and balance these little microbes with skin prebiotics and probiotic lysates. Think of prebiotics as food for the good bacteria!

Synergie Skin’s Dermiotic pre-serum elixir has been formulated using my favourite prebiotic, alpha glucan oligosaccharide. Probiotic lysates contain the active sections of the bacteria that deliver barrier-strengthening results to the skin. I also formulate with Bifida ferment lysate (a non-live bacteria). I would avoid skincare products with whole, live bacteria, however, as the preservative in a live bacteria product will probably kill it before you open the jar!

Using prebiotic and probiotic skincare really helps with skin redness, breakouts and sensitivity—a concern we’re seeing so much more of recently due to higher stress levels and a more compromised skin barrier.

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