Post Treatment

XCell B

$132.26 SGD
Accelerated 21% niacinamide serum
Vitamin B An essential multitasking serum with 13% niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin

Vitamin B

$117.91 SGD
An essential multitasking serum designed to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin


$117.91 SGD
The ideal moisturising sunscreen to protect the skin from UVA/UVB rays


$70.74 SGD
Pre-serum elixir with prebiotic and probiotic complex

Post Laser Gel

$55.36 SGD
Soothing and calming aftercare with Aloe Vera concentrate


$73.82 SGD
A rose geranium cleansing lotion for dry or sensitive skin types


$142.51 SGD
A skin brightening pigmentation serum designed to address skin discolouration


$91.25 SGD
Pollution and infrared defence spritz


$141.49 SGD
Calming anti-redness moisturiser suitable for sensitive skin

Gentle X-fol Cloth

$8.20 SGD
A soft muslin facial cloth to gently exfoliate skin whilst removing make-up and impurities


$112.78 SGD
Calming facial oil to protect dry and delicate skin


$65.62 SGD
A cosmeceutical body lotion with vitamin B3

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