Mineral Basics Kit

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The Mineral Basics Kit contains:


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Key Benefits

Synergie’s synthetic bristle brushes have been specifically designed and chosen to work in conjunction with Synergie Minerals® makeup. All Synergie brushes are made with premium synthetic fibres and are 100% vegan and cruelty free.


1. Tap Second Skin Crush Loose Minerals into the container lid.

2. Press the bristles of the Kabuki Brush firmly into the container lid and twist.

3. Turn the Kabuki Brush upright and tap the flat end of the brush to allow the foundation particles to penetrate into the brush bristles.

4. Buff the Second Skin Crush Loose Minerals firmly over entire face using the Kabuki Brush working quickly in circular motions.

5. Spray HydroSpritz over entire face to set the Second Skin Crush Loose Minerals.