Vit-C Plus Crystals

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This product is exclusive to medically affiliated practices.


Pure L-ascorbic acid (antioxidant & brightening) with essential antioxidant crystals.

Vit-C Plus crystals contain the highest pharmaceutical grade of pure Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid crystals) combined with the innovative skin lightening agent, kojic acid.

L-ascorbic acid is unstable as a water-based serum or cream and will have a short period of effectiveness. But when using the pure L-ascorbic acid crystals in a powder form, the Vitamin C is activated only when a liquid component is added, this way the ingredient is always active for maximum activity on the target cells.


Key Benefits

Benefits of pure L-ascorbic acid include:

• Promotes collagen production

• Enhances tissue repair

• Antioxidant protects the skin from harmful UV damage

• Potent anti-inflammatory

• Possesses a skin lightening effect by suppressing excess melanin production

Benefits of kojic acid:

• Reduces the appearance of sun damage and pigmentation

• Powerful antioxidant

• Antimicrobial agent

• Powerful skin lightener


Use in the morning. Tap a small amount of Pure C into the palm and dissolve at a ratio of 1:4 parts crystals to serum over the face and neck. Mix with:
• HydroGel for oily skin
• SuperSerum for ageing skin and fine lines
• Exfol-X to combat congestion and sun damage
• VaNish for hyperpigmentation

Do not combine with Vitamin A or Vitamin B serums. Follow with UberZinc or Synergie Minerals foundation for broad spectrum UV protection.


As part of our commitment to innovation, Synergie formulations are updated from time to time. Always refer to the ingredient list on the box for the most current version.

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