Defending Your Skin Against Smoke Pollution

Cars causing pollution in traffic jam
Our hearts go out to the victims of the devastating bush fires. This January, our Synergie family donated our e-commerce profits and a care package to the fire fighters to play our small part in supporting those affected. Whilst we are not directly impacted in the safety of our inner city, the recent air quality in Melbourne was measured as the worst in the world.


What is PM2.5?

With much of Australia shrouded in fine particles of smoke pollution, it’s important to understand the impact of PM2.5. These tiny pollution particles are the major culprits of damaging smoke pollution. PM2.5 are fine ‘smog’ particles usually found in smoke, car exhaust and the byproducts of manufacturing. PM2.5 refers to the actual size of the pollution particle, being 2.5 microns or less. That’s just 3% as wide as a human hair!

Despite being so tiny, we are all susceptible to PM2.5 and our lungs and skin are the first organs to suffer the damage. Only certain types of face masks as suitable to protect the lungs from this tiny particle, and those fabric masks from the chemist are next to useless!


What is the best protection?

The best protection from smoke and PM2.5 particles is to remain indoors with windows and doors closed. If you use reverse cycle air conditioners, please make sure it’s on recirculate mode and not bringing in the air from outside. There are also some excellent air purifiers on the market (make sure it has a HEPA filter like the Dyson air purifier).

The skin is our largest organ and even though it’s supposed to be a protective barrier, smoke can cause serious damage to it. And it gets worse….

When fine smoke particles combine with UV light, it creates dangerous ozone free radicals (called photochemical smog) which causes even more damage to our lung tissue and precious skin cells. PM2.5 has been shown to cause skin inflammation, higher skin sensitivity and DNA damage. It also worsens exiting conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and acne.


How can Synergie Skin help?

Whilst I do recommend staying indoors as much as possible during times of high air pollution, one of the best ways to protect your exposed skin is by using Enviroshield protective mist prior to exposure.

Its active ingredient from marine microbes (Alteromonas ferment extract) forms an invisible and protective mesh over the skin and can trap the fine PM2.5 particles, preventing them from penetrating and damaging the skin surface. Clinical data shows that skin protected with this ingredient is 44% more protected from pollution damage and there was a noticeable reduction of skin irritation and improved resistance to environmental damage.

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