Gentle X-fol Cloth

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Made from 100% cotton, this reusable facial cloth gently exfoliates and helps remove makeup and surface impurities. The X-fol Cloth will boost your cleansing routine to achieve clean, polished skin.


• Re-usable and an eco-friendly alternative to face washer
• Gentle exfoliating 100% cotton fabric
• Quick drying, machine washable, bacteria resistant
• Convenient sealable storage pouch


Use with any facial cleanser to thoroughly remove makeup and impurities. Rinse after each use and allow to dry.

This is the perfect partner for your cleanser to gently exfoliate while you cleanse!

The Gentle X-fol cloth is made from high-grade muslin cotton with fine natural fibers that gently slough away dead surface cells and impurities. This convenient cleansing cloth is eco-friendly, re-usable and machine washable.

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